Marta Gillner Photographer

Hi, my name is Marta, I’m a professional photographer from UK. As a wedding photographer, I am available for international weddings and events. Specializing in studio photography, including portraits, beauty and fashion, boudoir, baby and family photography. I love to work with people.

Leading tutorials and artistic photography workshops.

After receiving the award for artistic achievement through the school education, I studied architectural drawing and Interior Design. Completed advanced Image Editing courses at the University of Brighton. I am a former artist of the Sussex County Arts Club and a passionate painter who has become a professional photographer. As an artist who has traveled and worked in various fields over the past 15 years, I can offer my experience and creativity for all photography needs.

After leaving the UK, I opened my new studio in Villach, Kaernten, Austria.


  • Autumn Mountains

    Moved to Austria two months ago I still cannot believe in beauty of surrounding nature. I did not go out a lot to take pictures when I lived in UK. Suddenly I can see how my work is shifting from tight stu...

  • Studio Session with Janusz

    [:en]Just a few results from my most successful studio session so far. I am proud to introduce Janusz who is a real Cossack. This upcoming acting star is the wildest and most inspiring soul I have worked w...

  • Studio Session with Anna

    Anna came to my studio just before I left Brighton. It was a spontaneous session she decided to go for, knowing we may not see each other again. This sounds as if we knew each other before, well, we did no...

  • Alicja and Cello

    The term minimalism is also used to describe a trend in design and architecture where in the subject is reduced to its necessary elements. Minimalist design has been highly influenced by Japanese tradition...